• U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin  in New York City, U.S. November 9, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

    Time’s Running Out for Government Financial Reports

    By Sheila Weinberg

    Fall is often described as a frenzied time in Washington, D.C. lore. After racing to spend any leftover appropriations before the start of a new budget calendar, federal number crunchers are now...

  • President Donald Trump and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady smile at each other after the U.S. Congress passed sweeping tax overhaul legislation, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington

    Two Takes on Republican Debt Hypocrisy

    The federal deficit for fiscal 2019 was nearly $1 trillion, and the national debt is going to hit $23 trillion within a matter of days. President Trump once said he would eliminate the national debt...

  • A Marine Corps pilot prepares for a vertical landing of Lockheed Martin F-35B stealth fighter aboard the USS Wasp amphibious assault carrier off Japan's southernmost island of Okinawa

    Biggest Contract Yet for the F-35

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    The Pentagon is close to a final agreement with Lockheed Martin for the largest batch of F-35 stealth jets, Bloomberg’s Julie Johnsson and Anthony Capaccio reported Monday. The contract for 478 jets...

  • An F/A-18F Super Hornet jet flies over the USS Gerald R. Ford as the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier tests its new launch and flight arrest systems

    US Navy Can’t Afford a 355-Ship Fleet: Admiral

    By Michael Rainey

    In 2016, the U.S. Navy set a goal of growing its fleet to 355 ships, but a high-ranking admiral said Friday that there isn’t enough money in the budget to reach that target. “Will we get to 355-ships...

  • U.S. President Trump participates in the Missile Defense Review announcement at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia

    Does Impeachment Mean Nothing Else Gets Done in Washington This Year?

    By Michael Rainey

    Some lawmakers are expressing concerns that the unfolding impeachment process is putting a halt to the legislative agenda for the foreseeable future, The Hill’s Jordain Carney reports. “The House...

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