• District of Columbia

    Spending Up, Revenue Down

    By Michael Rainey

    Politicians argue about whether the U.S. has a revenue problem (taxes too low) or a spending problem (spending too high), but in historical context, it looks like the answer might be “both.” The...

  • FILE PHOTO: Greenland's residents grapple with global warming

    Trump Reportedly Wants to Buy ... Greenland?

    By The Fiscal Times Staff

    $100 Million: That’s how much President Harry Truman offered Denmark to purchase Greenland back in 1946, a deal the Danes turned down. According to a Wall Street Journal report Thursday, President...

  • Trump Wants to Cut $4.3 Billion in Foreign Aid

    By Michael Rainey

    The Trump administration is proposing to eliminate more than $4 billion in unspent foreign assistance funds, Politico reported late Thursday. The White House budget office reportedly sent a proposal...

  • Obama administration proposes new limits on tax-exempt political groups

    IRS Budget Cuts Led to Billions in Lost Corporate Tax Revenue: Study

    IRS budget cuts are costing the U.S. government substantially more in tax collections than they save, according to a new study highlighted by USA Today . Researchers at the Indiana University Kelley...

  • Why the US Should ‘Borrow Gobs of Cash’ Right Now

    Investors worried about the health of the global economy continued to scramble to the safety of U.S. bonds on Thursday, driving the yield on 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds below 2% for the first time...

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