Strange Battle Ensues Between Boehner and Reid Amid Agreement

Strange Battle Ensues Between Boehner and Reid Amid Agreement

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Even when Republicans and Democrats agree, they find a way to disagree.

The House passed a two-week bill Tuesday that will fund the government past Friday, and cut $4 billion from the federal budget. House Majority Leader Harry Reid is bringing the bill to a vote today, despite earlier promises that he would not entertain a stopgap bill with any spending cuts.

In a strange subplot, however, news of the Reid’s plan to bring the bill to a vote today seems to have escaped House Speaker John Boehner’s radar – or, more likely, was intentionally ignored. In prepared remarks released Wednesday morning Boehner criticizes Reid, saying:

“I'm not sure whether Senator Reid has a plan to cut spending and keep the government running. If he does, I think the American people would be interested in seeing it. If he doesn't, I think he owes the American people an explanation."

Jon Summers, a spokesman for Reid, escalated the rhetoric with a pointed response, saying in a statement:

"That’s tough talk from someone who is being bossed around by a bunch of freshman. It's surprising that the Speaker of the House is unaware that the Senate is voting on a bill to fund the government and cut spending this morning.”